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Myvegas Free Chips – What’s The Scoop?

Do you enjoy playing Myvegas online? This exciting, casino-style game is the only one which offers its players free rewards from the most exciting casinos in Sin City, including the Mirage, the Bellagio, the Aria and the MGM Grand. To get rewards, you’ll need Myvegas free chips.

Today, we like to share some helpful information on how to access free myvegas chips via the Web…

How to Get These Free Chips

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This fun Facebook game will allow you to grab free “comps” from hot Hollywood casino resorts. However, it’s not as easy as spinning and spinning in order to get what you want. It’s better to have a strategy while you play. Those who get the most free chips tend to take analytical approaches.

First, you should understand that Myvegas slots differ. Some have higher chip values per spin. Others have lower values, so they are not the right games to play if you want to rack up loyalty points which you may trade in for rewards from MyVegas.

While you may get sick of playing the same games over and over, it’s important to know that the higher chip values are what you’re after. Choosing games with this feature will help you to access the highest levels of reward points for your chips. Excalibur and Reel Chef both offer good values for spins, so be sure to check these games out. When you play them a lot, you should be able to make excellent progress.

So, it’s about loyalty points as well as chips. It’s about understanding the system and how to use it to your best advantage. As well, you’ll need to learn when to play and when not to. You may figure this out by going into the MyVegas Strip feature and then collecting coins from the properties, spinning the wheel, sharing with buddies and watching out for bonus codes which pop up periodically via social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

It’s really smart to keep an eye out for bonuses. You’ll find that MyVegas offers these types of bonuses once every seven day or, sometimes, even more often. Also, look out for “double XP” weekend, evening Happy Hours and bonuses which allow you to level up.

Also, you should know that there is a monthly theme bonus feature which will allow you to play game cards in order to get plenty of free slot chips. When you collect these chips over the long term and save them so you can access these special bonuses, you’ll be employing the best strategy. MyVegas free chips are out there and they are easy to get, as long as you know how everything works. Without our tips, you may find it much harder to get the myvegas free chips that you want.

Seasonal bonuses are also out there. For example, there is a bonus for Saint Paddy’s Day which allows for two weeks of chip earning via the playing of game cards. When you play for such bonuses, be careful. Be sure that you’re considering loyalty point return and spending as little on chip expenses as possible.

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Get Ready for the Rewards

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When you have enough points, you’ll be primed to use them at the best Las Vegas Strip casinos. You’ll have the power to save big on Las Vegas excitement. This exciting points and chips setup is part of the reason why MyVegas slots is so addictive and so very popular!

Hopefully, our quick guide will help you to get the most myvegas slots free chips and the most loyalty points. We want you to make the most of every second that you spend playing this fun casino-style Facebook game.

myvegas chips

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